Sensitive to historic context

Truro Community hub Sensitive to historic context

We are aware of the historic significance of our
buildings and their importance within the
Conservation Area. An experienced design team
has been appointed, including architects and
engineers specialising in work to historic buildings,
and a specialist local heritage consultant who
understands our city’s rich heritage.
‘Truro Methodist Church is a large church built in the
historic core of Truro in 1830. The building was
modernised by Silvanus Trevail in 1885 when most of
the interior fittings and windows were added…
The Former Wesleyan School was added to the rear
of the church in 1887, replacing a church vestry and
Methodist preacher’s house…. It was designed by
Silvanus Trevail who was undertaking reordering
works to the main church at the same time.
Both the Church and the School Rooms are listed
buildings (grade II). This identifies them as having
special architectural or historic interest.
‘Historic England understands the need for the extra
facilities proposed and acknowledges the excellent
community outreach work that the church carries
out. We understand and support the principle of
extending these services so that the church
becomes a community hub in the centre of Truro,

providing a range of facilities that are easily
accessible for those living in the city…
…The location of the extension is such that, in our
opinion, no highly graded heritage assets will be
detrimentally affected…
…We welcome the most recent alterations of the
scheme… We consider that our heritage concerns
have been appropriately addressed…’
Historic England Consultation Response, August 2022

‘Importantly the proposals will keep the church
building in its original use and continue to support
the educational and wider social mission of the
church through the school building.
The new extension is designed as a contemporary
addition with extensive use of glass curtain
walling… these glass walls contribute a transparency
to the proposed extensions which helps to mitigate
their mass and also illustrate the accessibility of the
café and meeting spaces within with the public
realm around the building. The north-west elevation
of the three-storey section is a stripped down modern
take on the tripartite form of the tall arched openings
of the current north-west elevation of the school.
The current proposals conserve and in some respects
enhance the most significant elements of the
interiors of the school building, particularly the double
height Wesley Hall and its ornate cast iron balcony.’
Daniel Ratcliffe, Statement Heritage, August 2022
‘The impact on the building’s significance is now less
than substantial and the loss of some elements can
be seen as facilitating the benefits of the whole

Listed Buildings Advisory Committee, July 2022